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15 Year Anniversary December 5, 2012

Today we celebrate 15 years of business, but its not a celebration of sales figures, quarterly reports, or percent growth. While those things are necessary to any small business, it is NOT what a business is. Today we get to celebrate 15 years of being able to do what we love, working with people, sharing our love for the outdoors, and being inspired on a daily basis. People don't enter the specialty outdoor retail business to get rich, but then again that depends on your definition of wealth. There's an old saying that I've seen printed on many a t-shirt that says something like, “find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.” Untrue. We love what we do, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't take work and sacrifice. Its worth all of that to be a small part of a great community of outdoor enthusiasts. We love getting to live vicariously through our customers, share in their adventures, their misadventures, and watching their love and appreciation for the outdoors grow. In short, thanks for letting us be a part of your outdoor persuits for 15 years; for inspiring us and sharing a small part of your lives with us. Cheers!

 The O.O.O. Team

 Don and Rebecca Jackson

Jeremy and Kristal Mackey

Jake Meredith

Carter Weston


The Stoke

Warm beams of sunlight warm your tent, begging you to brave the cold morning air to make coffee. Reluctantly you unzip the tent, careful not to disturb the thin layer of dew that accumulated while you we're sleeping. Standing now, the morning has officially started and you root through gear bags trying to find the press and stove. As the first sips of coffee pass over your lips, your mind turns towards the reasons you're here; ______________________.

Everyone who has an affinity for the outdoors has probably had a morning like this, the only difference being what activity you choose to fill-in the "blank".



2013 Jackson Kayak 4th Generation All-Star Review by Scott Hanshaw


Scott Hanshaw’s journey to loving this boat

Boater Stats – 5’11”, 180lbs, 33” inseam, size 10 shoe. I live in Arkansas and travel all over the U.S. on vacations paddling. I paddle EVERY new boat that comes out and choose to paddle the boat that I think is going to be the most fun for me and match my paddling style.  I have been playboating in a Jackson Kayaks playboat since the 1st gen All-Star (‘04-‘06) and have moved up through each new model up to the Rockstar (M). I have enjoyed the design changes and the progression through the years. I have always heavily modified the outfitting in Jackson Kayaks to get myself tight and comfortable. And I consider my skill level as an above average weekend worrier. I am not looking to compete (although some would say I am very competitive) and paddle just for my own personal fun.


Oregon Trail Adventure by Don Jackson

I have always been fascinated by the strength and fortitude of the men, women, and children who, in 1838, left from Independence, Missouri in early spring of each year to be able to reach Oregon City, Oregon before the winter snow blocked all the mountain passes.  What an adventure in a covered wagon!! In that spirit my daughter, Stephanie and myself, left from Independence, not in a covered wagon, but her nice little Mazda and attempted to experience what it may have been like to venture on such a trip.


An Eventful Year for a Small Town Kid

What an eventful year for a small town kid! At the end of the 2011 summer, my good friend Jeremy Mackey, from Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters, approached me with the idea of entering Shred Ready’s “The Search” video contest. The winner of this competition would earn a spot on the 2012 Shred Ready whitewater team! The competition was stacked and I doubted I would get that far because my footage wasn’t that great compared to the others. The amount of support I received within the six months of The Search was incredible! James Robison landed me an interview spot on KARZ, one of Arkansas’ biggest news stations. I have to say, that interview was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I would include a link to the interview, but I don’t want to embarrass myself. I can make an endless list of names of the people who supported me, but I don’t want to risk accidently leaving someone out. With a little luck and a LOT of support, I won The Search on New Years Day, 2012.

In the newsroom for the KARZ interview!


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